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Prices of Tantra massage

These are the prices of the different tantric massage menus. Unchanged since 2010!

And yes, these are the 2019 prices!

Common to all the massage menus

All of the following massages are sensual and erotic. Each menu adds up some more features to the previous. This results in three levels of increasing erotic intensity.

Our Tantra massages are performed on a futon-bed. You will be able to share mutual caresses with the masseur —depending on the menu you choose.

We use our whole bodies to work on yours for the body to body experience. It is a very sensual and intense bodywork. All of these massages are including the very special lingam massage.

Delikatessen 120 €

60 minutes

Tantra Delikatessen is a combination of different erotic massages, including Nuad Thai massage – using my feet and legs– and some Hawaïan techniques as Lomi-lomi. Including lingam massage.

Performed by Paco and Leo

Supreme 150 €

60 minutes

Supreme adds to the whole Delikatessen menu the joy of prostate and anal stimulation. You have the chance to caress me during this very intense sensual and erotic massage. Also including lingam massage.

Performed by Paco, Leo and Yamal

Magnum 200 €

60—75—90—120—45 minutes

Magnum is a brand new massage based on the spiritual purity of Tantra and taken to the edge of  uncontrollable eroticism. Your climax will be of maximum intensity, while you are lost in a trance of senses and time. I deal personally with you to create a completely personalized massage. Magnum is an unforgettable experience.

75 minutes are 250 €.

You can also choose the full 90 minutes version for 300 €.

The full 2 hours version for the most demanding massage fanatics is 400 €.

For businessmen with a tight schedule we can perform an Express version of 45 minutes for just 150 €.

Performed by Paco, Leo, Yamal and Tyson

Four hands massage 400 €

60 minutes

Our four-hands massages are unique experiences in the world. They are offered by Paco, Leo and Yamal. If you wish to learn more about these amazing menus please ask us. There are different prices depending on the massage’s duration and intensity, starting at 400 € for one full hour. Please book with some days in advance so we can sync our schedules.


paco | Leo | YAMAL


   Leo gay Tantra masseur   Yamal young gay Tantra masseur



Hotel Calls: no additional fees

We are available for hotel calls inside the city —with no additional fees and no unexpected charges.

24 hours: please book ahead of time if you wish a massage after 11 PM.

We can offer you the best of our different massage menus to enjoy at your hotel. We are dressing as regular citizens.

Cash & Credit Cards

Cash is always the safest option for you. We always encourage to plan ahead of time and find an ATM according to your credit cards.

Our bank forces us to charge a 10% commission on the value. For example, the 300 € 90 minutes massage costs 330 € if you pay with your card instead of cash.

Jack and Tom: special prices

Jack, Tom and Tyson are only serving the naked Magnum massages above 200 €.

All other masseurs are offering also the 90 € 45 minutes basic massage.

Gay Tantra massage fees

Paco, Yamal and Leo are offering some special deals. Check them out!

low cost tantra massage

Tantra massage for couples

When you are in a long term relationship sex can drift into a routine. Sex can turn into something you perform without passion ­especially after many years of relationship. Therefore please let us introduce you to some very amazing sessions of Tantra, especially created to re-awaken the flame of love and desire for you and your significant half.

Ask us specific gay Tantra massage fees: choose one masseur to share. Or two masseurs, one for each of you!

Who are our customers?

See who are our customers. Men of all ages and conditions?

Amazing Tantra

The Tantra massage we are offering you is an amazing experience worth to take some time for. This is true quality time. You deserve it.