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Matt Tantra massage

Gay Tantra masseur Matt

Matt is frequently traveling, so very difficult to have an appointment with.

As you can see, he is also very well endowed, which is a relevant detail for some gay men.

Outcall massage

Matt is also serving site massage. This means hotels and private apartments as out-call massage service.

In-call massage

Young gay tantra masseur Matt will also serve you at our gay Tantra massage studio if this is your preference.

Please remember to book ahead of time.

True pictures

See Matt on this picture. This is exactly what he looks like: young, attractive, nice dark hair and beard, and sporting an amazingly huge and beautiful dick.

He is very expert in all kinds of erotic and Tantra massage therapies.

Beyond massage

If you appreciate some extras he is also available. Matt is a true versatile man, so both working as the top and the bottom.

Please ask for these specific services when contacting us. Extra services have a special price since this exceeds what we call massage.

Matt serves men and women

Matt is offering erotic massage for gay and straight men and gay and straight and bisexual couples in Barcelona.

Serving ladies is not for everybody. Matt is a straight man who obviously enjoys serving women!

Matt's Naked massage

Matt is offering his best naked massage. You can choose among different session timings. The longer the time the more tantric techniques he will be able to use on you. So the more exciting your session will be!

Magnum 200 €

60 minutes

Magnum 250 €

75 minutes

Magnum 300 €

90 minutes

Magnum 400 €

120 minutes

Magnum 150 €

45 minutes

Book your massage with Matt

Before calling to book Matt please understand this logic: erotic massage and sex are different services. So they are subject to specific pricing.

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