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Lingam Massage


Gay Lingam massage

Lingam massage in Barcelona

Lingam massage is a very relevant part of any Tantric experience. This is a whole massage style in itself, and you can only have it in the context or during a Tantra massage.

So the specific name for this experience should be Tantra lingam massage.

The meaning of "Lingam"

"Lingam" is a Sanskrit word. Though in India, Nepal and Tibet it is still used as a synonym of "penis".

This word is first documented 3.500 years ago.

The ancient meaning was "stick of light". Ancient cultures used it almost as a God. To them it was the tool for creation and fertility.

Gay lingam massage

As many men already know, Tantric massage is a very spiritual way to experience carnal pleasure.

Of course there is a very specific way to perform these amazing techniques on gay men.

Because the fact that we are also men gives it a very positive twist! To your advantage!

Tantra lingam massage

Tantra lingam massage can also be for adult gay men. We like to point out this fact because for many years gay men did not have access to this service.


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