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FAQs about Tantra massage

These are some of the frequently asked questions about our erotic gay Tantra massage.

The funniest are about our penis sizes and if we ever have a hard-on during a massage session ;-)

We answer

If it is your first time booking a massage of this kind you might have some questions. Absolutely!

Here you will find a limited amount of answers. So please feel free to call us if you have any other specific questions.

Massage or escort?

We are no undercover escorts.

Setting up an appointment with a professional masseur is safer than booking an escort. In many aspects, because the massage service is more elaborated and you will enjoy a much longer session.

We will provide you with an extended enjoyment of sensual and erotic intensity for both your body and your mind.

With us you are 100% safe.

OK, Matt has been as escort and has no problem by offering full services. But please be very clear about what you ask from us. Matt is always absolutely safe!

Use your time —and money— wisely!

Our service allows you to schedule your visit in Barcelona; you control your agenda. You won’t need to hang out around the gay bars, cruising areas or dark rooms endlessly seeking for somebody suitable. Avoid spending money on anything that won’t bring you any satisfaction. Save drinks, taxis and last minute frustrations.

So make the best out of your time!


Our service is absolutely discrete. We are not curious nor interested in our customer’s identity nor private life. We never expose our customers to any kind of difficult situations. Because we focus on our job, and it unfolds in the privacy of a hotel room or in our professional Tantra massage studio. Erotic massage is our calling and our only goal is performing a wonderful massage for your satisfaction.

“Who are your customers?”

Businessmen, tourists, local clients. Men of all kinds and ages. You don’t have to meet any specific conditions to enjoy my erotic massage service. Ours is a universal service.

It is relevant though that you share with us the importance of personal hygiene. Mutual respect is also relevant.

Since this is a service for adults you should be older than 18 or 21 depending on your country of origin.


We accept both cash payment and Credit Cards. Please let us know your preference so we bring the Credit Card machine with us.

Credit Cards

You are free to use any of the major credit cards. Please ask us to bring along the credit card terminal.

It is relevant that you understand that Credit Cards need an extra 10% for bank commissions.

In other words, paying cash means a 10% benefit for you compared to using your credit card.

Tips for Tantra

We never ask for a tip. We don’t think this is professional attitude. But of course you are free to give a tip for Tantra massage so if you enjoyed or you valued the performance of our bodywork.


We can offer you both services: in-call and out-call. The prices are exactly the same. We can serve you at your private apartment, at your hotel room —always discrete— or at Paco's professional massage studio in the city center of Barcelona. I always adapt to your choice and your personal convenience.

How to book

It is very easy, you have several ways to do so: call me, send me an SMS, a whatsApp message or an e-mail, whatever suites you best.

You have all the details displayed on the footer of this page. Just click contact!

Planning a session

You can plan your massage session whenever you want. We can discuss the openings for a given day.

If you wish you can also call me shortly before your desired appointment moment. I am sometimes available even 30 minutes after your call. Don’t risk it, though ;-)

"You didn't answer my e-mail"

I need a couple of hours. Because e-mails are ideal for elaborate answers and also for next day or next week appointments.

So please don't use e-mail for last minute bookings.

I can answer a phone call immediately or right after the current massage session. Same for SMS and whatsApp messages.

Blocked caller IDs

I can understand many men are afraid to disclose their cell numbers. There is no way for me to answer a missed call by a blocked caller though.

In our opinion, mutual trust is the cornerstone to deliver and receive the highest quality service.


I can be very flexible for any kind of schedule, time and location. Please be free and also specific with your request.

“Are your photographs real?”

Absolutely. All of us do book professional photo shootings to show ourselves.

Showing ourselves as we are is important to us. Because it might be relevant to you so you can choose the massage service performed by the masseur following your preferences. It would be silly to offer you somebody who looks different from the pictures.

Mutual attraction

Sometimes I’m asked about this. Does it happen? Do we get aroused during your massage? We will be able to answer when meeting you personally for the first time.

Our job is about sexual chemistry!

And our job is to work for this sexual chemistry and excitement to happen!

Roles: top or bottom?

Roles do not change a massage session. You are free to let us know your preferences and we’ll adapt to you. Please have in mind that massage does not include oral sex nor penetration.

Massage goes far beyond stereotypes.

Climaxing allowed?

You will achieve a very intense sexual excitement and will ejaculate if you wish. Even more than twice on the sessions longer than 75 minutes.

Music or silence

It is your choice. You can also choose the play-list to match our massage session at your hotel: Nature Sounds, World Music, Oriental, relaxing, soft Pop, Gregorian, Ethnic, Blues or Jazz.

“Will you be having a hard-on?”

Well, we are human! This can happen —absolutely!

Though this is not the goal of your massage session. Because the focus is on your enjoyment, not ours. Sometimes though we feel aroused during the longest and most intimate and naked erotic massage sessions. We hope this does not make us less professional ;-)


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