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After our massages we oftentimes receive e-mails and text messages. We appreciate our customers valuing and rating our massage performance!

Some other times we have a nice conversation after the massage. ¡Your points of view are relevant to us!

More than just sex

"When you hear the word "massage" the idea is a lower sexual excitement than is full sex. No way though! Paco does an amazing job, with some very sexy chemistry!"

Very giving

"Matt is a very giving professional. He really delivers, and he gives a very sweet tenderness no escort could equal. I strongly recommend him".

Skin contrast

"Tyson felt a bit distant at the start. Though he went losing off while I was too. The contrast of my white skin with his has been a very interesting experience to me. I never had body to body contact with a black man before. His massage feels really intense".

Improvised choreography

"I know Paco since 2010. Every time I call to enjoy his massages I re-live a language I believe is only ours. But we discover new phrases every time. His sessions feel like a choreography our bodies know, but which is new and different again and again. Really magic".

I want to be your lover

"There's nothing more sublime in this world than being your lover, Matt. If this has been "just a massage", you must be amazing in bed!".

Sexy lines to cross

"Tyson has many personal limits you can't cross. And he warns you from. I guess those are the limits of massage itself. But this is a big turn on for me. Is this the idea of Tantra?".