What is Tantra?


Tantra is more than a trend

Tantra is a 3,500 years old tradition, a little bit more complex than religion, massage or witchcraft —as it has been tagged by some buddhists.

Tantra has had a major rebirth during the 80‘s, with the New Age curiosity about the oriental music, food, lifestyle and spiritual world.

The aspects of erotic Tantra that are relevant to my bodywork are the ones that convey well-being and pleasure. No pain-pleasure contrast, no religious rituals, no endless workshops. This massage is for your relaxation and enjoyment in freedom. In one session.

Only a few masseurs speak about hygiene. To me it is very important, and I’m always having in mind all the procedures it involves.

Breathing and Tantra massage

Most of Tantra schools focus too much on breathing control. Breathing has to flow naturally. Excessive control can cause undesired side effects as hyperventilation and undesired acceleration of heart beat frequency.

Counting the breathing is not useful when it comes to a pleasant massage. Massage means there is a receiver and a giver. You will be enjoying the massage while I’ll be using my sweetest skills for your pleasure.

Though we are always allowing some time for reciprocity during the 90 minutes massage menus, massage means just this: lay down, let us serve you, abandon yourself, enjoy. Breathe as you want. Freely, abandoning yourself to this sensual experience.

No need to learn

If you just want to enjoy a tantric massage session you don’t need to study anything. Your goal is letting yourself go and relax, and let somebody else be working, for a change. Our tantric massage will allow you to empty your mind —remember Bruce Lee’s famous command.

You will be enjoying a very special oasis in your life. You will forget about worries being aware just of the joy and pleasure of your body.

Most of us don’t have countless hours to spend studying or training Tantra or other techniques, so why would you learn Tantra instead of enjoying it. One Tantra session by Paco, Tyson or Alek takes 90 minutes —you can compress it to 60 minutes—, you shower and are back on track, ready and empowered with renewed energy. Your life battery —body and mind— will be filled up 100%.

The “internet of things”

Don’t let yourself drown in “the internet of things”. Our world is asking for constant attention and connection with others, with the job and the duty. Needless to say we all need a break. A true and healing break. For body and mind. This is what this excellent masseur can offer you.

The Tantra massage we are offering you is an amazing experience worth to take some time for. This is true quality time. You deserve it.

Please feel free to ask Paco. You can get in touch with me directly if you have any doubt or if you need any additional information:

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